The Museum of Russian Art

The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a must-see destination for anyone interested in Russian art, culture, and history. Located at 5500 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419, the heart of the city’s vibrant arts district, the museum offers a wide range of exhibitions and programs that showcase the diverse and rich cultural heritage of Russia.

TMORA was founded in 2002 by Russian-American businessman Kenneth Vail, who had a passion for collecting Russian art and wanted to share it with the world. The museum’s collection includes over 10,000 items, ranging from traditional Russian Orthodox icons to avant-garde paintings and sculptures. The museum also has a large collection of Soviet propaganda posters, which provide a unique glimpse into the history and ideology of the former Soviet Union.

One of the highlights of TMORA is its permanent collection of Russian Impressionist paintings, which includes works by some of the most renowned artists of the time, such as Isaac Levitan, Valentin Serov, and Konstantin Korovin. The museum also has a selection of modern and contemporary Russian art, including works by artists such as Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, and Olga Rozanova.

In addition to its art collection, TMORA also hosts a variety of educational programs and events that provide visitors with a deeper understanding of Russian culture. These programs include lectures, concerts, film screenings, and workshops on topics such as Russian literature, music, and dance. The museum also offers guided tours of its exhibitions and collection, which are led by knowledgeable and engaging docents who can provide insight and context to the art on display. Learn more.

One of the unique features of TMORA is its focus on presenting Russian culture in a global context. The museum works to bridge the gap between Russia and the rest of the world by presenting exhibitions and programs that explore the cultural connections and influences between Russia and other countries. This approach helps to make Russian culture more accessible and relevant to a diverse audience and promotes a greater understanding and appreciation of Russia’s rich and complex history.

TMORA is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about Russian art and culture. Whether you’re a student, scholar, or simply a lover of art and culture, there’s something for everyone at the Museum of Russian Art. So if you’re in the Minneapolis area, be sure to add TMORA to your list of must-see destinations. Next article.