Burnsville Dental Bonding

Burnsville Dental Bonding

Make an appointment for dental bonding if you want to fix cosmetic dental issues such as chipped or broken teeth. At Heart of the City Dental in Burnsville, we provide professional dental bonding services. Our dental bonding process uses composite materials to transform your smile. 

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance a smile. The procedure is a good option if your teeth have chips, cracks, gaps, or stains. The dentist will apply color-matched bonding materials to change the affected tooth’s shape, size, or color.

Fixing chips and cracks is just as important for the health of your mouth as for your smile. Dental bonding can make eating, speaking, and chewing easier. The dentist will apply the bond/composite resin in areas where the tooth has broken to restore its natural function.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

While dental bonding differs from veneers and crowns, the basic purpose of all these treatments is to cover up cosmetic imperfections. Let’s look at some of the advantages of dental bonding:

  • Versatile. Dental teeth bonding is a great option for treating many cosmetic flaws, such as cracks, decayed teeth, etc.
  • Less Invasive. Dental bonding is not as invasive as other cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as veneers. Only a small amount of enamel needs removal.
  • Faster Results. Dental bonding only requires one visit. Veneers need time to be custom-made with multiple office visits. 

Our Dental Bonding Process 

To match the color of your natural teeth as closely as possible, the dentist will use a shade guide. Next, we will roughen the tooth’s surface and apply the resin material. Finally, ultraviolet light helps harden the composite resin placed over the tooth. 

Dental bonding takes 60 minutes or less per tooth and can easily correct minor imperfections. The dentist can complete the entire procedure in a single visit, and the results can be quite dramatic. Before starting the tooth bonding procedure, we perform a dental exam to ensure that no oral health issues exist.

Dental Bonding Lifespan

Maintaining oral health and preventing damage to the bonded teeth can improve their lifespan. Typically, dental bonding materials have a lifespan of three to ten years. Schedule an appointment if you notice lifted corners or a change in the look and feel of your bonded teeth. 

Dental Bonding After Treatment

Dental bonding does not require special aftercare and allows you to resume daily activities immediately. In cases of minor pain, you can reduce discomfort by avoiding hot, cold, or hard foods. Also, consider taking an over-counter pain medication if needed.

Work With the Reliable Dental Practice in Burnsville

At Heart of the City Dental, we understand that tooth damage and stains can hamper your smile. We provide expert dental bonding to ensure that your teeth look natural and stay healthy. Our dental team can explain the procedures and answer questions about the process.

Contact Heart of the City Dental in Burnsville, MN, today to fix cosmetic imperfections in your smile with  Burnsville dental bonding. Call us at (952) 890-2791.

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