Burnsville BOTOX® for TMJ

Burnsville Botox for TMJ

Many people associate BOTOX® with cosmetics and beauty routines. However, dentists have found that BOTOX for TMJ (temporomandibular) disorders helps reduce pain and teeth clenching. Learn more about how BOTOX relieves symptoms associated with TMJ.

How Does BOTOX Help TMJ?

When used for cosmetic purposes, BOTOX can minimize wrinkles and age lines by relaxing facial muscles. This effect also relieves tension that can cause headaches, teeth grinding, and other ailments connected to TMJ. TMJ disorders typically manifest with these symptoms:

  • Sore jaw
  • Teeth grinding
  • Clenched jaw muscles
  • Neck or shoulder pain
  • Tension headaches

Since BOTOX specializes in relaxing the same muscles that overwork because of TMJ, the pain and clenching may disappear for up to three months after treatment.

Does BOTOX for TMJ Have Side Effects?

Patients suffering from TMJ who use BOTOX have reported some side effects. Many experience positive reactions, such as experiencing less overall facial pain and enjoying the cosmetic effects of fewer wrinkles.

Some patients undergo less enjoyable side effects like headaches, muscle weakness, and respiratory problems. However, these symptoms typically clear up within the first week after the injections.

What Should I Expect Immediately Following the Injection?

After a Burnsville BOTOX for TMJ treatment, some patients report bruising, numbness, and redness around the injection spot. These reactions dissipate within hours of treatment. Because BOTOX still functions cosmetically when used to treat TMJ, many patients enjoy fewer wrinkles and a more relaxed appearance.

Are BOTOX Treatments Covered by Insurance?

Insurance typically won’t cover cosmetic BOTOX treatments. However, some insurance companies will cover BOTOX if used to treat chronic pain.

Enjoy Fewer TMJ Symptoms With BOTOX

Patients suffering from TMJ symptoms can find relief with professionally injected BOTOX treatments. Learn more about BOTOX for TMJ from the experts at Heart of the City Dental in Burnsville, MN. Call (952) 890-2791 to schedule your appointment today.

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