Burnsville Periodontal Therapy

Burnsville Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease or gum disease represents a common condition that requires professional treatment. As gum disease progresses, it may lead to long-lasting damage. Without treatment, you put your oral and overall health at risk.

Finding a dental team that provides comprehensive dentistry services to all clients, including general dentistry, smile restorations, and periodontal therapy, is critical. Continue reading to learn more about dental services and Burnsville periodontal therapy from the Heart of the City Dental in Burnsville, MN.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease refers to a progressive oral health condition. This condition begins with a patient’s gum tissue. In the beginning stages, bacteria overgrowth targets the gum line causing inflammation and redness. Gingivitis is the name for this beginning phase of gum disease.

However, if untreated, these bacterial infections turn into periodontitis, spreading deeper into the gum line and causing excessive irritation between soft tissue that connects to the patient’s teeth. In severe cases, the infection can create deeply receding gums, tooth loss, and adverse changes to your overall health. 

Indications of Periodontal Disease

You can identify plenty of signs that indicate gum disease. The beginning stages of gum disease have specific warning signs, including:

  • Swollen, tender gums
  • Sensitive gums and teeth
  • Bleeding gums (especially after flossing)
  • Receding gums near the base of the tooth


When patients experience a more severe form of gum disease, they may experience different warning signs. These symptoms include jawbone deterioration leading to loose teeth.

Gum Therapy Treatment Options

If a patient has gum disease, they have treatment options. The first line of defense includes deep teeth cleaning, where dental hygienists clean the plaque and tartar, trapping the bacteria growth. 

Dental professionals utilize scaling for more advanced gum therapy, combining traditional instruments and high-frequency tools for deep cleaning that eliminates built-up plaque and bacteria. 

Another final periodontal therapy intervention involves root planing. During root planing, the dentist pushes back the gum tissue to expose the roots to help facilitate healthy gum growth post-cleaning. 

Ways To Prevent Gum Disease

The good news is that patients have plenty of ways to prevent gum disease. Making daily choices that prioritize your oral health may help prevent the progression and development of periodontal disease. These preventative measures include:

  • Regular dental check-ups with cleanings
  • Thoroughly brush teeth twice a day
  • Floss teeth twice a day
  • Use alcohol-free mouthwash to prevent tartar, plaque, and bacteria buildup 
  • Stay away from added sugars in items like soda pop and candy
  • Try an automatic toothbrush 

Choose a Local Team of Burnsville, MN, Dentists

If you suspect signs of gum disease in you or a family member, then it’s time to reach out to professional dentists at the Heart of the City Dental in Burnsville, MN. Their dedicated, kind, and knowledgeable team helps patients manage their oral health for the best-looking and healthiest smile possible. So get ready to take control of your oral health today with dental care from the Heart of the City Dental in Burnsville, MN. 

Call Heart of the City Dental at (952) 890-2791 to schedule your appointment for check-ups, periodontal therapy, and more today!

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