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Replace a missing or lost tooth with a dental bridge. Through the use of dental bridges, also commonly referred to as fixed partial dentures, you can provide your smile with a dramatic restoration that is required in the event of catastrophic tooth failure. If you do need a reliable tooth prosthetic, look no further than dental bridges.

Dental bridges are extremely important for your oral health care because any time that a tooth is missing, it can lead to several health risks including tooth slippage, a downturn in your oral hygiene including increased plaque buildup, issues with bite stability, and hindrances with your mouth’s ability to function properly. Several of these issues can easily be corrected through the use of a prosthetic such as a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are anchored into your mouth by connecting to other teeth. Due to the fact that they do not need to be placed into your jawbone as a dental implant does, a dental bridge is often a highly desirable treatment for many individuals. Furthermore, a dental bridge can help restore your smile by providing you with a complete dental profile that can drastically improve your smile’s visual appearance.

If you would like to stop by Heart of the City Dental for the application of a dental bridge, please call our office in Burnsville, Minnesota, at 952-890-2791. Dr. Tanya Peterson and our team invite you to visit us soon. Your smile will thank you!