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Harnessing the smile of your dreams includes being aware of the risk factors associated with your diet. Although cleaning your mouth out with oral hygiene routines as well as improving your lifestyle choices in regard to your oral health can be extremely important for building your dream smile, it is also important to exercise caution with unhealthy foods you may consume. If you are not careful, several products can easily damage your teeth and gums.

One of the lesser known risks that individuals tend to forget about foods is that they often can be too difficult to bite into. Even though we may have been able to successfully bite through candy apples when we were younger, doing so at an older age could easily chip and crack teeth and in some cases knock teeth out altogether. Thus, you might want to exercise caution with any hard products that you may feel the need to bite into.

Did you know that sour sweets are some of the most acidic products on earth? A low pH level is linked to a high acidity, and for some sour sweets on the market today, their pH level is nearly the same as car battery acid. To keep your smile safe from risks of tooth enamel wear, limit sour sweets and other extremely acidic products from your meals. Also, be aware of products that are high in sugar and carbs that can also cause dental erosion and tooth enamel wear as they can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth.

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