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Many individuals are afraid to visit their dentist due to a condition known as dental anxiety. Many individuals have extreme fears about receiving any oral health care treatment to due to the fears associated with any pain that may be felt. Fortunately, an entire branch of dentistry known as sedation dentistry is designed to control pain through the use of sedatives.

Due to the known risks associated with untreated ailments that can arise within your mouth, it is important to visit your dentist for any professional treatments you may require. However, if you are worried about any pain or uneasy sensations you may feel while having your teeth and gums worked on, there is an entire branch of dentistry, known as sedation dentistry, that can help you. One of the most common forms of sedatives is through gas sedation known as laughing gas. The product focuses on a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide to help calm and relaxed patients.

Further forms of sedation include pill sedation, which is directly ingested up to an hour before procedures to help relax patients. Dosage for a fast-acting intravenous drug can be administered directly into your bloodstream. For the highest level of sedation, general anesthesia can you give a deep level of sedation that can put an individual into a state of unconsciousness. Once they are deeply asleep, they will not wake up until the anesthesia has worn off.

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