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If you would like to learn of other ways to keep your teeth healthy, plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you with this goal. We can only list a few for now, but the benefits these bring can be worthwhile.

Surprisingly, apples can help you keep your teeth clean. Because they are crunchy, it can take more effort to chew them. Extra chewing can be good for you because it can cause more saliva to be produced. Saliva does not just help with digestion. It also helps wash things like leftover foods from your teeth, and having a little extra can clean things off a little better.

If you do not like apples or want a little more variety, then you may like to hear that apples are not the only foods that offer this benefit. Vegetables like carrots and celery can also take some effort to chew, which can bring up more saliva in turn.

If you are interested in keeping your teeth strong, you may consider spinach and kale. These two leafy greens can provide some extra calcium. Calcium is a big part of your enamel, so providing extra calcium to your teeth can be helpful.

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