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When trying to think of the names of teeth, you may come up with canines or molars. But what about the rest of them? Of course it is hard to remember all of the names of your teeth with the constant change your mouth has gone through in your life. You started with 20 teeth, then you lost them, then you grew back more and more until you had 32, and then you got rid of your wisdom teeth. But each tooth in your mouth has a name, shape, and purpose. Here is a brief, concise overview of your teeth from the front of your mouth to the back.

Types: central and lateral
Amount: 8
Shape: sharp and thin
Purpose: cutting food into pieces
Canines (a.k.a. cuspids)
Amount: 4
Shape: sharp and pointed (which is called a cusp)
Purpose: gripping and tearing food
Premolars (a.k.a. bicuspids)
Types: first and second
Amount: 8
Shape: 2-3 cusps, but a flatter surface than canines
Purpose: tearing and crushing food
FACT: along with wisdom teeth, you didn’t have premolars as a kid.
Types: first and second (the third molars are wisdom teeth)
Amount: 12
Shape: 4-5 cusps, flattest surface
Purpose: chewing, grinding, and crushing food