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Standard dental fillings in Burnsville, Minnesota, are made from artificial materials like porcelain, gold, amalgam and composite resin. While they are impervious to the ravages of bacteria, the seam where the filling is cemented can sometimes be at risk. In time, bacteria can invade this area and create a new pocket of decay.

Early detection of a filling going bad will greatly improve the treatment options your Heart Of The City Dental dentist recommends. With that being said, there are a few warning signs and symptoms that might indicate that a filling is starting to go bad.

With a filling on the biting surface of the tooth, you might notice a sharp pain when biting down or chewing. If the filling is near your tongue, you might feel it develop a sharp edge or a change in texture.

If pervasive bacteria have worked their way between the filling and the healthy enamel of the tooth, the tooth might change to a light shade of gray. This could be a serious cause for concern as it could allow the decay to penetrate deep into the sensitive internal structures of the tooth.

If you notice a change in one of your fillings and you suspect it is going to fail soon, you should not delay in contacting Heart Of The City Dental at 952.890.2791 to have it examined and treated.