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There are times when your treatment needs are more than what you feel your budget can handle. Don’t panic, there are some options!  Let’s start by figuring out what you can afford and then make some decisions. Some options are phasing your treatment, such as doing 1 or 2 fillings at a time. There are some misconceptions that you will be charged for an office visit each time you come. This is not the case. You are only charged for the procedures performed at each visit.  Pre-payment is another option where you can send in money on a regular basis to build up a credit until you have enough money on your account to do the treatment you need. Another great option can be interest free financing through either Care Credit or Citi Health. Some patients may also seek financing through their own personal bank to help enable them to complete their treatment. Putting your treatment off can actually cause more expense as dental conditions worsen and require more extensive dental work.  In this economy we all know that finances are a concern. Please discuss your concerns with us so that together we can work on the best way for you to get your dental needs met.