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Are missing teeth giving you problems? Are you tired of hiding your teeth when you smile or are fed up with discomfort when you chew? If you are, a dental implant might be the solution you need. Implants are restorations designed to restore your smile to its optimal look, feel, and function. Placing dental implants is a reliable treatment—effective in about 98% of all cases—that can lead to many benefits. For example, implants lead to:

The ability to speak clearly: Some options used to replace missing teeth, like dentures, can slip. This makes some sounds hard to pronounce comfortably. With sturdy implants, you will be able to speak clearly again.

Restored comfort: Eating with gaps in your smile can be very uncomfortable and missing teeth can result in an uneven bite. Fortunately, implants can relieve the pressure associated with an uneven bite and allow for comfortable eating.        

A beautiful smile: Smiling with a gap in your teeth can be difficult, leading many people to smile with only their lips. However, implants are designed to match the color of your smile and to give a pleasing look. Also, implants can stop your other teeth from shifting, letting you keep your straight, attractive smile.

A boost in self-esteem: With a complete, matching smile, you can expect a boost in self-esteem. And increased self-esteem can lead to a better standard of life.

Increased convenience: Some restorations used to restore your smile, like dentures, are removable and require specialized care. Since dentures are non-removable, you can care for them while you care for your other teeth.